About Trophy
Taking the competition to next level, we introduce a chance to win the "COLLEGE TROPHY" from this national level fest. Winning this memento is an honour for all the institutes of this "Delhi Circuit." Something great to aim for, something bigger to work for and the best to win and then flaunt about, is this College Trophy! "Come in great numbers to satisfy your skill hungers". You gain an edge over others in the race to grab this keepsake by ensuring maximum participation from your college.

You earn your trophies at practice, you pick them up at competitions.
Trophy System
Points awarded
in Category 1
Points awarded
in Category 1
First 10 5
Second 8 4
Third 6 3
Participation 2 1
Event Categories

Category 1

  • Battle troupe
  • Vocal Jam
  • Hasratein
  • Gupchup
  • Reverbe
  • Verbattle

Category 2

  • Can you Duet?
  • Verve
  • Encore
  • Game of Thrones Quiz
  • Pop Culture Quiz
Rules and Regulations
  • Multiple teams from colleges allowed in each event.
  • ONLY ONE team will compete as the official entry from one college. To be decided before beginning of competition by cultural coordinator of college/ club coordinator of respective club of college/mutually decided by the teams.
  • Winning points will only be provided if the official team finishes in top three positions of their respective event.
  • Participation points will only be awarded if the official team participates in all the possible rounds of their respective event.
  • Event rules apply to respective events.
  • Decision of judges and the organising committee of Odyssey'17 will be final and binding.