“There are only 3 colors, 10 digits, and 7 notes; its what we do with them that's important.”

This event comes as a breath of fresh air among Creative Arts competitions. Prepare to fight till the last pencil.

The three initial rounds challenge the teams to come up with something new everytime to stay on top of their game.
The three rounds are:
 Quizzart  MaskIt  BodyArt

The first two rounds deal with art and the third is a crafts round. The top 10% of the participants proceed to the final round.

The final has a never before seen concept called the Time Auction inspired from MasterChef. If you are bored of the regular painting competitions, this is the right competition for you.


Art Attack comprises of three qualification rounds and a final round.

First Round
A theme based painting/sketching/drawing cum puzzle round where the participants would be given basic set of equipment like pencils, erasers, white and black colours in all mediums(pencil, paint,sketch) along with n number of clues. The more number of clues solved, the more special stuff(coloured paints, sketches, glitter, colour pencils, charcoal pencils, etc) you would be allowed to pick from the array of materials available. For eg. if I want a charcoal pencil, I will need to solve a riddle. The interesting part is that the stock for the would be made limited. So you you should solve the riddle faster than others and choose the stuff you want wisely. It is a 2hr event.

Second Round
This is the crafts round where you would be asked to create masks and one of the teammates would have to wear them for the subsequent rounds. (One person would have to wear it throughout - cannot switch). It is a 1hr event.

Third Round
This round is the heart of any cultural celebration, Body painting. For the purpose of the competition, Face and Arm painting is allowed. However, Face painting would carry more points than Arm painting(It’s Fest time!). The duration of this event is 1hr.

The Finale
At this point, the participation will be filtered down to 10% of the total participation based on the points scored in each round. The finale would be the most fought and anticipated round of the competition. The Time Auction. Every Art/Crafts piece requires a minimum amount of time and materials to make it a winning entry, however the time auction requires you to compromise on one of the two. The auction would start from 2hrs and for each material that is asked, 5 mins would be siphoned away from your time. Wanna paint with water-colours for the last round? Ohho, your neighbour wants to do the same but there is only one set of water colours! You bet 5mins, they bet 10mins, you bet 15mins, they bet 20!, would you wish to use another medium then or bet more and make do with less time for your winning entry? Tick tock, tick tock, time or material? You are allowed to make any art or crafts work with the materials you have.

This idea has been inspired from MasterChef Australia and India. The links to both videos are provided for further clarification:

All materials would be provided by us. There would not be any dearth of materials except for the rounds where the rules require it so. All material would be of an excellent quality and the best out there."


Y S Ramya

Shailaja Bhatt

Gyanesh Anand

Yajur Ahuja