Beauty attracts the eye but an alluring personality is what captures
the heart and makes a person extremely attractive. Grab this chance of meeting someone blindly matched to you. But afraid of taking a chance? Better take it then regret later.
Take a day out to visit IIITD Odyssey on the 24th of March and have a fun day out along with many exciting surprises. Moreover there are prizes for almost everyone. Better not miss out on that!



General Rules

  1. Misbehaviour of any sort will lead to direct disqualification of the individual. We'll have a backup date for the other person.
  2. Privacy of the partner must be respected.
  3. No forms will be accepted after the deadline
  4. Sharing of personal details is solely the choice of the participant.
  5. The decorum of the event must be respected.
  6. Switching of partners is not allowed.
  7. The decision of the judges is final.
  8. People without a valid invite would not be allowed to participate.
  9. Participant has to wear a band at all times during the event. Removing the band is strictly against the rules.
    10.The information shared in the form will be kept confidential
    11.Participant’s age should be more than 16 years
  10. There will be a participation fee of Rs. 150 for male participants (due to humongous response, we have to restrict the participation by adding a participation fees)

Round-1 Rules
1. The event will start sharp at the mentioned time. You might miss your date if you come late.
2. There would be a short fun game to find your date.
3. After finding your date, inform the volunteer/event head about it
4. Approach the event heads or volunteers if you have any problems.
5. After everyone has a date, we’ll move on to the next round- Hunt

Round-2 Rules

  1. The pairs will spend together for about an hour exploring the fest.
  2. In this time period they will have the following activities:-
    - Selfie Challenge : The Best Selfie will win. Only one couple would be given the prize. Bonus prizes may be given. - Dubsmash : We will give them a theme and the best video will win.Only one couple would be given the prize. Bonus prizes may be given.
  3. Hints would be dropped at different locations, one hint would lead to another.
  4. Volunteers will be present at each location to help the participants.
  5. Try to know your partner as much as you can in this time, as it will be helpful for the next round.
  6. After the time is over, each pair has to return to a common location,so that we can move to the next round- Questionnaire round.

Round-3 Rules
1. Each pair would be given a set of questions to answer about their partner
2. The questionnaire would have to be finished in a specified time frame.
3. Top pairs with the maximum no. of matching answers will qualify for the next and final round- Dare to Propose!

Round-4 Rules
1. The top teams will have a final set of questionnaire round, in which both the partners will have to answer the same question.
2. Answers will be written on whiteboards at the same time
3. Next,the partners will face the ultimate challenge- Dare to Propose?
4. After the proposal and the questionnaire round, the judges will select winner.
5. Attractive prizes will be given to these winners, and the event will conclude.


Deepanshu Dabas

Shubham Kumar

Ishmeet Kaur