Attention all lords and ladies of Westeros and beyond! Call upon your bannermen and raise your sigils high in the sky for all others to see your true colours!

From Lannisport to Oldtown, from the Last Hearth to Sunspear, all those seeking the knowledge greater than that of most Maesters are allowed to enter the kingly city of Kings Landing (Not really, just IIITD, Okhla) for a test of their wits and the wile in their swords (actually, there is a Sumo Wrestling competition too!).

Spanning two days, experience the Winter in all it’s frosty glory! Enter in teams of up to three for a real assessment of skill and cunning in your words and responses. Forge the links on your chain by answering about Warcraft to earn iron, Ravenry to earn BLACK iron (lol), Silver for medicine and Valyrian Steel for the occult. Lone Wolves, too shall be allowed to forge their own chains and at the end of the day, be awarded with Hot Pie’s wolfy bread (jk, :P just buy some from our canteen)!

The tourney shall last for two moons and no one shall suffer the same fate as Dontos Hollard (we have enough jesters at IIITD, thank you very much!). All we ask is for you to prove your mettle and win the day!

So to sum it all up, come in teams of upto 3.
Cross College and School Teams also allowed !


No Internet browsing/surfing allowed during the event. If caught will lead to direct disqualification.

Participants’ answer after the timer stops wouldn’t be counted as their answer, they need to strictly follow the question duration given to them.

QuizMasters’ mandate is final and binding !


Neelabhro Roy

Ashwat Kumar