Mime makes the invisible, visible and the visible, invisible.

Actions speak louder than words, so do expressions.
It's good to remain silent sometimes. Show us your priceless acting skills without uttering a single word, on our platform. Come up and join us this Odyssey'17!

The event is about mime. Mime is the theatrical technique of expressing an idea or mood or portraying a character entirely by gesture and bodily movement without the use of words. In this event the participants have to perform mime in a group. The participants are expected to be completely prepared with their act, costumes, makeup, etc. The performances will be judged by our esteem jury.


Each participating team will be allotted a stipulated time frame of 15-20 mins.

No props will be allowed apart from a table and 1-2 chairs.

Teams exceeding the time limit will be penalised.
You are allowed to play music in the background.
The act should not contain any dialogues, lip sync, props.

No act shall contain any offensive, obscene, disrespectful actions or gestures. The act will be immediately stopped and the entry will be disqualified, if these instructions are not followed.

Prizes will be given to top two teams.


Parikshit Pruthi

Ashutosh Batabyal