"Street plays or Nukkad Nataks have played a pivotal role in shaping our society for years. At the top of your lungs, can you enact that crisp script with catchy phrases and songs, along with a tincture of humor to leave a strong impact on the viewers while keeping them entertained? Hasratein provides you a powerful platform to showcase your acting skills and creativity in order to bring forth a change in common perceptions and beliefs."

  1. There would be two rounds :-
    i.) ONLINE ( prelims ) :- The teams are required to upload a short video of their play on any global social issue. [ Date :- 10th March ]
    The team needs to upload a video of around 10 -12 minutes.
    Uploading instructions will be provided later.

ii.) ON-SITE ( finals ) :- The teams will have to perform the street play on site. [ Date :- 24th March ] (duration max. - 25 mins. )

  1. The team size represents the number of people registered as a team. Only these shall be allowed to perform the street play.

  2. The time limit is 25 minute (empty stage to empty stage).

  3. Music accompanists are included in the team number stated above.

  4. Teams are expected to perform at an open air venue.

  5. No electrical appliances shall be allowed during the performance, whether inside or outside the circle of performance.

  6. Only live music is allowed. Teams will have to bring their own instruments - no instrument shall be provided.

  7. Language of the performance should be Hindi/English or both. However short sub passages in other languages are allowed.

  8. Any kind of fluid, live animals, flame, heavy object or any material which has a possibility of damaging the area is not allowed.

  9. Dry colours may be used during the play.

  10. Teams will be heavily penalised if they exceed the time limit.

  11. Obscenity (at the discretion of judges) of any kind is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.

  12. Any kind of plagiarism and profanity will lead to immediate disqualification.

  13. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.


Suril Mehta

Manvi Goel

Khyati Seth

Palash Aggrawal