Kya aap sakht launde hai?
Kya aapke liye badal zyada important hai?
Kya pomegranate khaate hue aapka saara din nikal jaata hai?
Kya hasee toh phasee ke chakkar mein aapka sense of humour acha ho gaya hai?

Then you probably found the right place (or, we spammed you. * innocent smile * )
PUNchline is a stand up comedy event consisting of two rounds:
An online qualifying round; followed by an on-stage skill test of how funny and innovative you can be.
So, if you have the confidence to tickle the judges' funny bone and make the audience roll in their seats laughing, do give it a try.
This is THE event for all standup-comedy enthusiasts out there!
Come to PUNchline to show off your skills and earn fantastic prizes!


The marks will be based on the following parameters:
1. Originality - a comedian maketh his own jokes!
2. Confidence - own the stage!
3. Expressions - rock the stage with your expressions and leave your mark on the listeners!
4. Audience response - entertain the crowd, and the crowd loves you.
5. Spontaneity - for the greatest jokes are born of effortlessness.

First round will be an online qualifier :

For the prelims, you will have to send us one a short video of yours showing us your skill. Mail us.

Please keep in mind the views of others and take care not to offend/hurt sentiments intentionally/unintentionally.
Jokes/sarcasms/any kind of misbehaviour /vulgarity in general or towards other contestants will be STRICTLY NOT ENTERTAINED OR TAKEN LIGHTLY and will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION OF CONTESTANT.

All students at university/college level can apply.


Suryatej Reddy

Mayank Rawal

Zoha Hamid