Here's to change the people’s outlook towards fashion, and spread a message- "Pretty is not the rent you pay to live in this world!"

A shout-out to all the designers, models and all you beautiful people out there! Pull up your socks ‘cause Odyssey 2017 brings to you the most exciting and glamorous event of the year, Reverbe. The New York Times had aptly quoted, “The sun never sets on the runway”. The most happening Fashion Parade of the year awaits you. If fashion is your thing, then this is the ‘IT’ place to be. We’re rolling out the red carpet for all of you talented designers and super-glam
models. So stop thinking and hurry up. Register now!


The team allowed should consist of :-
a. Minimum 1 designer Maximum 2 designer.
b. Minimum 5 models Maximum 12 models.
c. Minimum 1 crew members Maximum 2 crew members who take care of the choreography and coordination.

  1. For the prelims, you are required to submit any two of your best designs. A panel of judges will decide the finalists based on the innovation, creativity, originality of your design.
  2. For the finals, each team is free to choose their own theme and showcase a set of garments. It can range from something like a “Winter Wonderland” to as wacky as showcasing the “Gothic culture”. Our panel of judges and organisers will judge you on the basis of your innovation, creativity, originality, poise and confidence.
  3. For the finals, the designer must submit the music and an AV (if there is one) till 20th March. (Considering the event might be on the 24th.)
  4. The designers can't participate as a model.
  5. Every team will be provided with a total of 15 minutes to make the required set ups and showcase their designs. From the time your team’s name is announced to the time you finally exit.
  6. The designs must be original. The designers are free to use any material of their choice. There are NO restrictions as such.
  7. Teams must be well versed with their light requirements so as to be able to utilise their transition time period optimally.
  8. Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the competition.
  9. Use of cigarettes, alcohol, and any unfair means is strongly prohibited.
  10. Teams will be judged on the basis of the costumes, theme, walking stance, and attitude.
  11. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  12. IIIT-Delhi or the organisers will not be responsible for any damage or loss of property.
  13. The prize money is subject to change keeping in mind the quality of participation.
  14. See that your garments and accessories are in the correct order. Organize your accessories.
  15. Be considerate of others. Remain as quiet as possible backstage. Do not gossip or discuss the show or circumstances that arise during the show. Discuss the experiences of the show afterward.