This is a speaking skills event, divided into three rounds.

Spin a yarn: Every team will be given the beginning of a story and they will have three minutes to spin a story on the spot.

Extempore: Every team will send one speaker to speak for a minute and a half on a topic given by us.

Parliamentary debate: Four highest scoring teams will compete for the final prizes in a parliamentary debate that will consist of a semifinal and a final(total of three debates). We will follow the proper rules of parliamentary format with each speaker giving speech for 6 minutes and 4 minutes reply speech.


Class 10th plus students are allowed to participate in the event.

The participants won’t be allowed to use any gadget during the event. If such a case occurs the whole team would be disqualified.

A dictionary will be allowed in the final round to define the motion.

The final round will be on the spot. Preparation time will be 30 minutes.


Anubhav Jain

Katyayani Singh

Riya Sinha