Sing with your heart and sing with your soul.
Take our breath away through the unison and steal our attention with your talents.
It is time to finally show what makes you a team.
Who needs instruments to make music when we have people like you!
Come with your team and show the world what The Voice can do with harmonies and beats.
The IIIT Delhi Acapella Competition is on!

Using the essence of Pitch Perfect, we at IIIT Delhi would like to give artists a platform to fabricate music with the sounds generated only by the human body, be it vocalising, harmonising, tapping their feet, snapping their fingers or beat-boxing. In A Cappella, the participants are members of an orchestra, in which they are the instrument, and they must use their voice and body in unison with those of others to stir the audience. There is music inside each one of us; the challenge is to let it out for the world to applaud.


No instruments are allowed - only the human body can be used to produce sound.

Each team shall consist of 5-25 members.

7 minutes shall be allocated to each team - exceeding the time allocated to the performance shall lead to deduction of points.

Personal audio equipment is not allowed.

No backing track can be played while performing.

In case of cross-school or cross-college teams, write ‘Cross-School’ or ‘Cross-College’ respectively in the college/school/institute section in the registration form.


Anannya Uberoi

Vishal Raj Dutta

Taejas Gupta