IIIT Delhi's Odyssey celebrates the essence and beauty of culture and of it's arts. It celebrates the Actor, the Dancer, the Musician, the Writer and the Designer, with over 45 events and a footfall of 25,000+. Having staged popular performances like Prateek Kuhad, Gajendra Verma, Hardy Sandhu, The Local Train, Euphoria, Zakir Khan and Bhuvan Bam, Odyssey always reaches out to the youth with it's inspiring, ever growing attitude.

Feel the adrenaline rush, the pumping of you blood as We bring to you yet another spectacular edition of the 2 day event. Come participate, experience and feel the excitement as you watch the star with close proximity or see the different competitions. Come and make numerous and unforgettable memories and at Odyssey.

And this year as we together walk down the campus, let's all add to the symphony of memories we've built here. Come join us in our pursuit of cherishing an interlude of eras.


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